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Author Yann Toma - Designer Adam Steiner

L'ANTENNE, inaugurated by the Provisional Administrator Thomas Clay and in charge of Artistic Energy by the international Artist ORLAN, on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A highly radiant artwork in Artistic Energy (AE)

The ANTENNA is destined to become the figurehead of the Sorbonne Artgallery and its emblem. Its ambition is to embody the excellence and sustainable dissemination of culture and contemporary art within the University.

The ANTENNA espouses the original aesthetics of the Pantheon Center and is rigorously the same height as the gallery's lampposts. Thus, an aesthetic unit brings them together and allows this initiative to be confirmed to the users of this center as well as to the teacher-researchers and students of Paris 1, and also to those of Paris 2 Assas. In order to ensure optimal realization, we call upon a master of Eiffel metal who thus ensures coherence and solidity to the object while adapting it perfectly to its function of mediation and reception.

The ANTENNA is composed of a visibility element with a height of 4 meters, an intermediate element with a length of 2.5 meters which makes the junction with an entrenched room located under the main staircase. The first element serves as a reception area with its wooden/metal tray open to the outside, the second as a diffusion space. The third element is a secluded space dedicated to the organization and design of exhibitions. The steel profiles are bent and riveted together. The wood is made up of stained panels with one side in oak covered with an anti-flame varnish M1. The components were manufactured in the workshop of the DST (Direction des Services Techniques de Ouest-Lumière), delivered, and assembled on site.

The ANTENNA benefited from the expertise of the architect Isaure Marot and the sound advice of Joséphine Dubail. The construction of The ANTENNA could never have been completed without the support and enthusiasm of the Administrator of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, the Professor Thomas Clay.

With the unfailing support of Denis Magnin, Director of the University's management of patrimony, and all the team, especially Christophe Avril, Mickael Camus, Pedro Da Silva, Gérard Lambourdière, Djamal Nikoule, Sébastien Kouvidou. And the great support of DPSE Abed Macourt, Damien Suard, Karim Amrouche. With the help, assistance and benevolence of the entire Student Life team, specifically Tiffany Audoux and her team. Thanks to Franck Paquiet and the whole team of the communication department of the university. Thanks to the whole team of the Sorbonne Artgallery, Emilia Trifunovic, Grégoire Samson et Lisa Lebel, for the setting up of this artistic architecture.


View of the exhibition "Crecer, Resistir" Marc Lathuillière, 2020
View of the exhibition "Crecer, Resistir" Marc Lathuillière, 2020
Vue de l'exposition Vladimir Skoda
View of the exhibition "Crecer, Resistir" Marc Lathuillière, 2020
View from the exhibition "Flatland" Tomas Vu, 2019


Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne Ecole de Droit

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm

Saturday : 8am - 5pm

Closed on Sunday


These hours may change during holidays


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Sorbonne Artgallery is located on the first floor of the Soufflot wing of the Pantheon-Sorbonne Center. The center houses the law faculty of the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne as well as the administrative offices and the office of the President.

The center was built by the French architect Jacques-Germain Soufflot (1713-1780) who designed the Pantheon and many buildings of the pre-revolutionary era.


From the Place du Panthéon, as you enter the center courtyard, take the passage on the left and go through the doors. You will enter the majestic Soufflot Hall.

The exhibition is presented in the nine frames on the right side of the hall. An explanation of the exhibition is available in the display case to the right of the entrance, before the wooden doors leading to the main staircase.


A new entrance has been opened at 133 rue Saint-Jacques. This entrance provides direct access to the gallery.


Pantheon-Sorbonne Center

Aile Soufflot - Ground Floor

12, Place du Panthéon

75005 Paris.


75005 Paris.


M10 : Cluny- La Sorbonne, Maubert-Mutualité

RER B : Luxembourg


84, 89 : Mairie du 5e

82, 85, 21, 27, 38 : Luxembourg


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