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Dear art lovers, partners and enthusiasts,

As a space dedicated to the appreciation and celebration of art, we firmly believe that our commitment to the artistic community and to society as a whole is essential.

Over the years, our gallery has had the privilege of presenting works by talented and innovative artists, stimulating creativity and evoking emotions in our visitors. But our mission goes far beyond simply exhibiting works of art. We believe we have a responsibility to use our platform to make a positive difference in the world around us.

Why is it crucial for an art gallery to get involved?


First, art is a powerful medium that can provoke deep thinking and stimulate dialogue. It can challenge established norms, generate empathy and give voice to those who are marginalized. As a gallery, we are committed to supporting and promoting artists whose works address crucial social, political and cultural issues of our time.

Second, we believe that art is a catalyst for change. It can inspire, educate and raise awareness on pressing issues such as climate change, social inequality, human rights and many more.

Furthermore, we are aware that our role as an art gallery goes beyond the walls of our physical space. We are committed to expanding our influence and impact through community initiatives, partnerships with non-profit organizations and collaborations with other cultural actors. We want to be a driving force for artistic innovation, the development of emerging talent and the creation of a network of committed artists and art lovers.

Finally, we understand that diversity and inclusion are essential elements in creating a dynamic and meaningful artistic space. We strive to give equal visibility to artists from all walks of life, regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation or beliefs. By celebrating diversity, we enrich our understanding of the world and open doors to new forms of artistic expression.

So, as you walk through the doors of our gallery, we invite you to join us in our commitment to art that matters, questions and inspires. Together, we can build a world where art has a voice, an impact and a real capacity to transform our society.


The Sorbonne Artgallery team

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