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The Sorbonne Artgallery welcomes the artist Dayoung Jeong, winner of the AMMA Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Prize for Contemporary Art 2019, who illustrates, through her artistic creations, the relationship between reality and fiction as two spheres in which individuals interact.

The Avatar project proposes a series of photographs in which two appearances are juxtaposed. Two individuals pose in front of a mirror reflecting a desired image. One photograph, two people, or rather one person and his avatar. One has the appearance of an "ordinary", everyday being. The other looks original, unusual, exaggeratedly dressed and made up, like an avatar. Dayoung's productions allow people, like virtual beings, to change gender, social status, profession, character. They can experience situations, behaviors, and responsibilities that would be unattainable without their avatar. They choose by this reflection what they want to show of their personality, of their character, without revealing themselves entirely. The avatar is the reflection of the personality and characters that the person would have wanted to have in the real world. It is not only the gaze of others that prevents people from fully expressing their "self", but also natural, anatomical, physical or biological obstacles.

To dress up his characters, Dayoung Jeong uses various materials, wrapping paper, ribbon, cardboard box, fabric, beads ... referring to a social image, hiding the individual, "wrapping" his appearance in front of the gaze of others.

The world of avatars allows the user to realize punctually and partially the life that attracts him, out of curiosity, without systematic sound. This virtual world does not replace the space of the real world, but constitutes a new space that completes and enlarges it.

The AMMA Prize: The visibility offered by this event is mainly due to the exceptional jury of the 2019 edition of the prize, in charge of selecting the winner presided by Philippe Dagen, historian and art critic, composed of Yann Toma, notably curator of the Sorbonne Artgallery, the association Premier Regard, Alessia Sanna, winner of the 2018 edi-tion, Nathalie Seroussi, Parisian gallery owner, Lou Ros, contemporary artist, Elsa Gody Baubau, auctioneer, expert for the show "A treasure in your house" and commercial at Catawiki, Sydney Chiche-Attali, former student of our Master 2 Art Market and lawyer at Pierrat & De Seze and Clémentine Jou-beaux, former student of our Master 2 Art Market.

Office AMMA 2019 | 2020 - Charlotte SCETBON, President -Anne-Lise LACORTE, Vice-President, -Anaël DURAND, Treasurer -Marie COCHENNEC-SAPIN, Director of the Events Department (in charge of the organization of the prize and the graduation ceremony) -Ambre FIOC, Secretary General, -Clémentine OLCHANSKI, Communication and Social Network Management Department -Adam INEGMIRS, Assistant Treasurer -Gabrielle LAMBERT, Assistant Treasurer -Léo FONTAINE, Assistant General Secretary -Cassandre BENOIT, Assistant Events Pole (Graduation), Laura GALLIANO, Assistant Events Pole ( Awards) -Victor TESCH, Communication and Site Management Pole, -Claire RIBIÈRE, Communication and Social Networks Management Pole.

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