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Copyright DANA WYSE

Jesus Had A Sister Productions
6th February to 4th March 2017
Opening on 6th February at 6.00 pm
Conference with Dana Wyse on 6th February at 4.00 pm

The exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the artist company Jesus Had A Sister Productions, established in 1997 by Canadian artist Dana Wyse. The exhibition presents a selection of eighteen photographs of pills, associated two by two. Several pills are also on display in their original packaging in a gallery display case. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Association Nationale France-Canada, which will offer it an extension within its walls in February.


Dana Wyse's pills confront us with our hidden desires for social success and the normative stereotypes of our society. Through the artist company Jesus Had A Sister Productions, Dana Wyse has integrated her works-products into our commercial networks. Sold at an affordable price, these therapeutic solutions can be bought, on a large scale, in museum shops, in certain supermarkets or on the internet. By incorporating these artistic products into our daily economic reality, she blurs the traditional conceptions which institute and sanctify the artist and which give particular value to his works.

Born in 1965 in Vancouver, Canada, Dana Wyse is an artist and author. Internationally recognized, it is exhibited from Canada to Europe via Latin America. Its pills and remedies are sold in the largest museums of contemporary art. In 2007, she published the bestseller How To Turn Your Addiction to Prescription Drugs into a Successful Art Career by Editions du Regard. Dana Wyse is integrated into the dynamics of the Art & Flux research team (ACTE).

Facebook: Jesus Had A Sister Productions

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