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Como Mosta-Heirt

From one to the other

15th May to 2nd June 2018

Opening 14th May 2018 at 6.00 pm

Côme Mosta-Heirt presents nine compositions whose progression in the Galerie Soufflot, from one to another of the spaces, is intended to be non-linear while being unregulated multiplicity.This progression brings out a place in itself, a space of diversity that gradually unfolds. The poetic and ironic dimension that animates the artist plays with this binary progression. For him "the number of pieces placed in a random way creates an imaginary, in this case, based on numbers and it is obvious (that it makes) allusion to the poetic dimension of the Greek mathematicians (Pythagoras in particular)." We are confronted with an expanding «field of presences» (Husserl):These structures evoke fragmentation and this fragmentation contributes to the destruction of space. It is not the shaping, but the arrangement of the parts that will create the plastic space, which one must see (the given to see).” This in situ work obviously refers to all the rigor of the work of Côme Mosta-Heirt, summoning above all to do it in the space he invests and which he redistributes at the same time without having recourse to composition. Thus the artist acts of freedom. The resistance of the non-composed materials is only reinforced, thus reaffirming a continuity in the artistic act: "The model of beauty has interest only in the continuity of the initial project, yet we must remember the instantaneous of the first lightning."

Côme Mosta-Heirt was born in 1946 in Le Havre. He lives and works in Paris and Etretat. After studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the Sorbonne, he was profoundly influenced by the courses of Bernard Teyssèdre and by those of Jacques Thirion at the Ecole du Louvre on Roman art. He began his career as an artist. Still a student, his meeting with François Mathey, curator at the Musée des arts décoratifs, was decisive. The great curator entrusted him with a series of lectures on contemporary art and committed him to becoming an artist. Côme Mosta-Heirt went to New York and discovered the life of an artist in Soho. From that time on, he went there and worked there regularly.

He met Richard Serra, Keith Sonnier, Mark di Suvero, Grosvenor, Lawrence Weiner. Joseph Kosuth, Daniel Buren, Robert Rauschenberg. On the occasion of one of his many visits to Tony Smith, he is offered, as a sign of an intimacy of shared art, a model of Snake is Out whose Sculpture is exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Côme Mosta-Heirt works on the relationship between coloured volumes and space, as well as a work of drawings and video. Teacher holder of the sculpture workshop of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Dijon and the Ecole des Arts de la Sorbonne de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne where he remains an important figure of its history. The artist conveyed his singular and rigorous vision of the pictoriality of the volume and volume of video. A practice consisting of interactions between beings and forms. His work is present in many private collections.

Public collection (selection) : Museum of Modern Art (de la Ville de Paris), Paris ; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris ; Museum of Calais ; Museum of le Havre ; Museum of Fine Art, Cincinnati ; FRAC (Regional Foundation for Contemporary Art) Nord/Pas de Calais ; FRAC Ile de France ; FRAC Lorraine ; Museum of Languedoc-Roussillon, Sérignan.

Solo exhibition (selection) : 2016 Mille et une, Granville Gallery Paris ; 2014 Au-delà de la peinture, Immanence Gallery, Paris ; 2013 Travaux spécifiques / Specific Works, Daniel Buren et Côme Mosta-Heirt, Granville Gallery, Paris ; 2013 J’aime trop Baugin, La Verrière, Hermès Foundation, Brussels ; 2010 Mise en serre, Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire ; 2010 Granville Gallery, Paris ; 2010 Théâtre d’Arras, Arras ; 2010 Festival Côté/Court, Ciné 104, Pantin ; 2009 Gallery Georges Verney-Carron, Lyon ; 2007 Projection of Recent Video Works, Ciné 104, Pantin ; 2005 Museum of Contemporary Art, Languedoc-Roussillon, Sérignan ; 2005 Prieuré de Marcevol, France ; 2004 Gallery Georges Verney-Carron, Lyon-Villeurbanne ; 2002 CheJu, Korea ; 2002 Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Nîmes ; 2001 Kunstverein Stuttgart (Germany) ; 2001 Gallery Im Heppacher, Esslingen (Germany) ; 1999 Gallery Georges Verney-Carron, Lyon-Villeurbanne ; 1999 Site Odéon°5, Paris ; 1999 Gallery Le Moniteur, Paris ; 1996 Gallery Georges Verney-Carron, Lyon-Villeurbanne ; 1994 Centre d’Art Contemporain de Vassivière en Limousin ; 1993 Centre d’Art Contemporain de Kerguehennec, Morbihan ; 1987 Museum of Fine Arts, Le Havre ; 1985 Museum of Fine Arts, Calais ; 1983 Gallery Eric Fabre, Paris ; 1981 Gallery Micheline Szwajcer, Anvers (Belgium) ; 1981 Gallery Eric Fabre, Paris ; 1979 Modern Art Gallery, Vienne (Austria) ; 1979 C-Space, New York (United States) ; 1974-1983 Galerie Eric Fabre, Paris.

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