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10th April to 9th May 2018

Opening the 10th April at 6.00 pm 2018

Barbara Anna Husar presents at the Sorbonne Art Gallery a singular work (initiated in 1997) under the label "Ticket to coordinate". It questions the vital flows that pass through us and challenge us. Made on the back of cigarette packs she recycled for the occasion, the artist reverses the codes, affixes her own markings and proposes to supplant nicotine with cosmic and sexual energy. His "Secret boxes" summon our imagination and inspire far beyond the rationalist thought that floods us daily. It is an unbridled call from our dormant life forces.

Barbara Anna Husar, who self-institutes herself here as "midwife of cyberspace", proposes to link sexual energy with intuition, to reactivate our chakras and to let this phenomenon invade us wherever we are: in public transport, during our daily routines. It recalls that the work and its environment embody "an intermediate landing strip". It is a vector of links and intermediality essential to the mutation of bodies and minds.

In Kosmische Sexualitât, Barbara Anna Husar sublimates nine paper formats by considerably increasing their size and summons what she calls "the landscape zones between thoughts". For her, nudity embodies the indispensable presence of being in the world. She thus intends to share the experience and the joy lived in nature, to ensure in a second time a necessary repair of some of our internal algorithms, today cracked. It advocates the deployment of an underlying noble and cosmic form of thought, a thought of information hygiene and deep listening.

The artist offers a gift intended for each one of us: it is an open window towards the potentialities of our vital energy. Barbara Anna Husar proposes that we integrate into ourselves a new form of sexuality the cosmic sexuality that would be likely to sublimate us via the action of art and the artist. This in situ series is a kind of Oasis which aims to replace social media and which questions us on the human condition.

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