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September 7 - September 25, 2020
"On Sunday, September 2, 2018, a devastating fire broke out in the National Museum of Rio. The day after the fire, the whole world was shocked to discover the terrible images of the disaster: almost all the collections went up in smoke that night. This event coincided with my arrival at the National Superior School of Decorative Arts where I met Isabella Aurora, a student from the University of Rio who is participating in an exchange with France. Our collaboration around the questions raised by the destruction of the museum and its precious collections becomes obvious: a series of plastic experiments begins. Together we try to give back an imaginary body to what was destroyed. Thus, by assembling natural and chemical elements, we attempt to find a balance between form and matter, between memory and imagination, in order to metaphorically recreate what has disappeared."

The AMMA Prize : The visibility offered by this event is mainly due to the exceptional jury of the 2019 edition of the prize, in charge of selecting the winner presided by Philippe Dagen, historian and art critic, composed of Yann Toma, notably curator of the Sorbonne Artgallery, the association Premier Regard, Alessia Sanna, winner of the 2018 edi-tion, Nathalie Seroussi, Parisian gallery owner, Lou Ros, contemporary artist, Elsa Gody Baubau, auctioneer, expert for the show " Un trésor dans votre maison " and commercial at Catawiki, Sydney Chiche-Attali, former student of our Master 2 Art Market and lawyer at Pierrat & De Seze and Clémentine Jou-beaux, former student of our Master 2 Art Market.

Office AMMA 2019 | 2020 - Charlotte SCETBON, President -Anne-Lise LACORTE, Vice-President, -Anaël DURAND, Treasurer -Marie COCHENNEC-SAPIN, Director of the Events Department (in charge of the organization of the prize and the graduation ceremony) -Ambre FIOC, Secretary General, -Clémentine OLCHANSKI, Communication and Social Network Management Department -Adam INEGMIRS, Assistant Treasurer -Gabrielle LAMBERT, Assistant Treasurer -Léo FONTAINE, Assistant General Secretary -Cassandre BENOIT, Assistant Events Pole (Graduation), Laura GALLIANO, Assistant Events Pole (Awards) -Victor TESCH, Communication and Site Management Pole, -Claire RIBIÈRE, Communication and Social Networks Management Pole.

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