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Mykola Hrytselya
The Ukrainian Madonna / Українська Мадонна

Mykola Hrytselyak(Lviv, Ukraine) - a Ukrainian monumentalist and graphic designer. In the series The Ukrainian Madonna he uses the plastic of the human body to record the inner tension and concentration of strong emotional states in times of war, despair, loss, grief, struggle... He perceives female nudity as a symbol of freedom and the energy of the struggle for Ukrainian identity. A certain incompleteness of his works transmits expression and impulse, giving the viewer space for reflection. Young Ukrainian artists from different regions of Ukraine: South, West and North try to understand their place in the world cultural drama. New military stories shape Ukrainian art which actively participates in the creation of a new era. Visual images can now move away from shouts of verbal outbursts and leave room for an in-depth analysis of history.

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