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Iryna Suchelnytska
The voice of war / Голос війни

In the works ofIryna Suchelnytska(Odessa, Ukraine), the voice of pain and helplessness is heard through the prism of war. The artist's works reflect emotional reactions to military events stemming from the existential flow of resistance to the absurdity of total destruction. The artist gives meaning to his direct experience of the encounter with war by interpreting the events in a mythopoetic way, in the same spirit as the Ukrainian Baroque. It emphasizes the cultural value of Ukrainian identity which is on the edge of the European world. The voice of war is conveyed through a graphic aesthetic, a thin, energetic and nervously woven line that expresses excitement and anxiety. She transforms the line into a plastic form using contrast with a dark background, accentuating the drama of the perception of current events. 

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