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Exhibition (IN)ERRANCE - Interuniversity Library -

Opening on Tuesday, December 7  2021 at 6:30 p.m.


    The Sorbonne interuniversity library is today hosting the (In)errance exhibition produced by Master 2 Research students from the Master in Arts & Vision (MAVI - Promotion Christo & Jeanne Claude). Exhibition curator Yann Toma.

The young artists gathered in (IN)ERRANCE project here a contextualized look and give us a  opportunity to set in motion the notion of wandering while considering it as so many beacons and flashes of thought for which we are responsible. They deploy their creations under the systematic prism of a double reading, that of the exhibition space itself, that of a wandering of the act of creation which would lead us underground elsewhere, to the confines of uncertainty.

The young artists and researchers in visual arts from the Jeanne & Christo Claude promotion, from the Master in Arts and Vision (MAVI) of the Ecole des Arts de la Sorbonne (Master 2 International from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)  in partnership with the master in Art of Paris 8 present seventeen  contextual proposals resolutely inscribed in a reflection on the world around them.  

Baptiste Agnero Rigot

Paris 8 Master of International Cultural and Artistic Project

Ghostly Archipelago 2021 

Installation and sculpture in fabrics, wood and threads Puppet on embroidered chair and masks  1 m3

  - In the weaving and (mixing)weaving of materials and textures, a figure emerges,  docked to opacity. She takes this bet  wandering from the stereotype. The library becomes an archipelago of these masks which proceed  to a new division of the sensitive. The  busts of knowledge, marble and tutelary,  open up to diversity and its shimmering pluralities. Our imaginations are recomposed.

Nitouche Anthoussi 

Paris 1 - Research Master in Plastic Arts and Contemporary Creation

The impressions 


Acrylic paint. Photographic prints  and writing on newsprint 

42 x 59.4cm / 21 x 14.8cm / 21 x 14.8cm 

42 x 29.7cm / 42 x 29.7cm / 42 x 59.4cm

  -Les impressions is a series of interventions on newsprint. It is a heterotopia built on a medium where other people - the authors - write their articles. 

These works of art tell us about the pandemic, confinement and human concern. It is vital for us to create a  personal space free from prohibitions  constants that frame the space of our  social life.

Katherine Araoz Velez
Paris 1 - Master in Art and Contemporary Creation

Sensitive mapping of a tree:
Slight fluctuations I

Acrylic painting on linen canvas
200 x 160cm

  - Like spots floating in the air, light and fragile, how can the leaves hold something as big as the atmosphere. In Light Fluctuations I, the colors free themselves from reality to better show the leaves as so many laboratories where the meeting of air, light and water occurs. This painting is part of a series titled Sensitive Cartography of a Tree, exploring how enigmatic trees are.

Chloe Beard
Paris 1 - The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
Dandelion pansy

70 instant photographs
Watercolor on paper
Photos: 9 x 6 cm; painting 125 x 800 cm

  - Pensée Pissenlit is an installation combining a painting and a series of photographs which invade and mix the place

in which they are located and the context in which multiple thoughts are formulated by the people who pass through it. They
reflect the life of a dandelion which, however everywhere, is not looked at.

Lyou Bouzon Simonet

Paris 8- Master of International Cultural and Artistic Project

within and without



Karen Dominique Castro
Paris 8- Master of International Cultural and Artistic Project

Photographic Print,
glass and stone installation.
Variable size

  - Superposition, crossing, accumulation of photos taken during an act of communion between the artist and different

people. The tension between these images - fragments of identities - and the structure raises questions about the importance of

take into account the peculiarities of  members of the same community to weave a notion of relational equity.

Gaia Farcy
Paris 1 - The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)

Painting and screen printing on canvas.
Offering to the creature 250 x 90 cm,
Root 240 x 135cm, Fireflies 285 x 145cm,
Prayer 250 x 90cm, Blessing 80 x 60cm,
Sleepwalker and flower 80 x 60 cm

  - The different portraits of a creative and creative nature meet. Revealed in different aspects, nature appears enigmatic, supernatural, alive, but also frozen, inert, reduced to a sacred object. The reification and sacralization of nature are not presented here as solutions to its preservation, but question our relationship to it.

Violet Charlier

Paris 8- Master of International Cultural and Artistic Project
The break



- Take possession of a place of knowledge, institutional, from a body that is not recognized as capable of carrying its own discourse on itself. Here, the displacement of a body actor of its own performance is an act of reappropriation of the gaze. Hyper-femininity is staged by the artist as an offensive reversal in a feminist and queer perspective.

Nicolas Diaz Ramirez & Fanny Letrou
Paris 1 - The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
My apologies to great questions for not knowing
the right places to look for answers


Floor installation, red clay plates
Variable size

  - These clay plates bear witness to erased forms of knowledge. Both by the craft techniques that they encapsulate and by the function that containers of this type could have occupied in ancient communities. In many pre-Columbian cultures, certain clay objects testified to relationships with the world and with nature that we do not know today.

Following violent historical processes of erasure, certain knowledge and visions of the world are excluded from the peripheries where the vision of the center imposes itself. Therefore, by playing on the specificity of the place it occupies, this work leads us to ask ourselves where should we turn to answer our big questions.

Clement Justin-Hannin

Paris 1 – The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)

See how we feel




  - Here everything is only invitation, the performance can be experienced as much as an actor as a spectator. Everyone is called upon to intervene in this shared creation which questions the progression of interpersonal relationships in increasingly individualistic capitalist societies. During a wandering reading, the participants who want it, who dare it, who feel it, are invited to share a drink in a ceramic bag passed from hand to hand… The tone is set; the artistic gesture is an act of sharing, a horizontal act of creation in which we all have our place. Snippets of texts like a small anthology mark a form of progression, a mental wandering that leads to thinking about the relationship to others physically and emotionally. These selected snippets are given to the reading of those who wish to create a kind of chorus where the words mingle exposing the nuance of the complementarity of the texts, knowledge, experiences... In addition, the beverage (mixture of vegetable milk and honey) is in quantity is limited, each one drinks knowing this limit and then becomes the passer of a resource to the Each one according to his desire is then invited pay attention to those around him.



Ritsuko Koga
Paris 1 – The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
[ e ] – Study I

digital illustration
printed on yupotako film

  - “e” like ukiyo-e or sumi-e, the Japanese term 絵 [e] refers to anything presented in image on a flat surface – painting, illustration, engraving, etc.

The graphic work [e] – Study 1 was created with the aim of questioning the possibility of manga in contemporary art and its place in French society.

Adelina Krakowska
Paris 1 – The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
Emotional states of mind

6 pictures

  - These four colorful comic-inspired illustrations come with details and song lyrics that I find inspiring. The other two illustrations are on the contrary much more minimalist; they focus mainly on the emotions that appear on his face. Asheara lives in another dimension (parallel to ours), in a world that I created in my subconscious a long time ago that can sometimes feel psychedelic and unreal. However, his emotions are beautiful and very real, they are always a reflection of my daily life.

Yunhan Ma
Paris 1 – The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
After an escape from my cat

13 Photographs on Dibond
14.8 x 21cm

  - This photo novel recounts the grotesque nocturnal scene that a cat witnessed after running away from the apartment. Around the idea of displacement and exile, the handwritten words, the drawings and the hikes are all linked: like traces on a solid surface, their linear movement embodies the life of beings and the "flow of life". .

Jasmine Thy Nguyen
Paris 1 – The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
They want me to be...

Inkjet photographic print on paper,

- Certain social norms deprive us of freedom as well as our identity singularity. In They want me to be...,
the artist therefore invites all spectators to write down the social norms, the expectations they must undergo in order to share

his own anguish and to wish the empathy of the spectators.

Yona Piccini Bauret
Paris 8 - Master of International Cultural and Artistic Project
Portrait of Lea Goeb

Photographic print on paper

- Léa Goeb is a student at La Sorbonne. Her portrait highlights the crucial lack of female representations on

BIS walls. I want to reveal with this photograph the need to artistically celebrate the students who make

and made the history of this university.

Cecile Renoult
Paris 1 – The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
The clay courts

Tinted clay on adhesive vinyl
20cm in diameter

- There would exist electromagnetic meshes on Earth forming crossings impacting the living beings which are there
find. These drawings are installed at the place of these possible energy nodes. Appear then as if on-
against the forces inherent in the earth that supports our buildings.

Zoe Schröter
Paris 1 - The Master in Art and International Creation (MAVI)
presumed unconscious

Watercolor pencil on tracing paper
35 x 110cm / 36 x 49cm

  - The delimitation that seems to be imposed between the adult person and what he considers to be his past testifies to a conceptual disorder of what is communicated by the culture. One notices a kind of duplication, a mythification of the child which cuts him off from the adult, reducing him to a defective specimen. It is through the representation of the child that I try to put in image a subject of a character at the same time impalpable and familiar for the spectator.



    The Master in Arts and Vision (MAVI) from the Ecole des Arts de la Sorbonne gives students direct access to a dynamic of reflection linking art and globality. It questions and puts into perspective the autonomization of the artist, the burden of his work within a social body often made up of independent and dissociated organisms. The paradigm of the artist's autonomy is thus summoned through representations most often resulting from international transversal approaches, linking art with other disciplines. It is a question of dealing with the question of the international circulation of flows, of the poetics of the relationship between the artist and his near or distant environment, of the emergence of new technologies in the context of the information society.


 The young visual arts research artists from the Greta Thunberg class, from the Master in Arts and Vision (MAVI) of the Ecole des Arts de la Sorbonne (Master 2 International of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne) present fourteen contextual proposals resolutely inscribed in a reflection on the world around them.  Raúl Aguillar summons dreams and childish thought. Mauson Akhtar confronts us with a Wall, Elvire Colin-Madan offers us a context where our choice will be meaningful, Hope Curran Hope summons a singular form of local poetry, Jessica Da Silva transports us to the full abstraction of the sea, Bénédicte Fuoc invokes Somniloquies and the notion of a shared dream, Augustine Gaugry represents the image of endless questioning through her automatic drawings,  Laura Lecatelier presents us with music without sound, a guide without destination, Lee Seunghwan takes some fragments of the elements of nature, which are the tree, the stone, and the earth, Arasi Tiffany Tavares encourages the spectator to see behind the surface of the body, even to the touch, Lou Villapadierna reveals  the myth of a wandering voice that will never be heard,  Laurine Wagner leads us in Climatological Meditations and revisits the concept of eco-anxiety, Li Wenli shares with us her "time line" through plastic poems, Chuhan Yang as for her initiates a colored coat intended for the dreamlike protection of academic papers

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