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Art-Sciences research


Sorbonne Artgallery is launching its Art-Sciences research programme which aims to be an interface for interdisciplinary exchanges. 

Co-animated by Iglika Christova and Emma Millet, this programme regularly invites artists, scientists, critics, philosophers, researchers from different disciplines to exchange on the interactions between fine arts and the so-called "hard" sciences.

While interdisciplinary relations such as these have been going on for centuries, current artistic approaches are engaging with new incentive in the light of advances in scientific research in fields such as biology, microbiology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. Sorbonne Artgallery's Art-

Sciences programme (Axe 1 of ACTE Institute), proposes that we rethink the crossroads between current artistic and scientific research through the lens of the turbulences and challenges of the contemporary world. 

Here, we invite you to follow our video interviews where speakers from artistic and/or scientific fields will share with us their projects and perspectives oriented towards interdisciplinarity.

The interviews will take place twice a month and are broadcasted live on the Facebook page as well as on the Youtube channel of Sorbonne Artgallery. At the same time, the videos are available on Sorbonne Artgallery's website under the heading Art-Sciences. 



Iglika Christova

Iglika is a visual artist and Doctor of the University Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne in Arts and Sciences of Art. She engages her interdisciplinary research between art and biology. In order to initiate a dialogue between drawing and the microcosm of living matter, she collaborates with different actors of scientific research. In her recent solo exhibitions (Galerie Arosita in February 2019, l'orangerie-espace Tourlière in November 2017, Galerie Graphem in January 2017), Iglika Christova presented the invisible life of trees, GMOs and microorganisms evolving in a drop of water. Iglika Christova invites us to move the boundaries of drawing on and away from paper towards a "living" drawing made by micro-organisms. 


Emma Millet

Emma is a Fine Arts masters student at the Sorbonne Paris I Panthéon. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Culture from Goldsmiths University in London. Emma Millet focuses her research and artistic practice on the interaction between art and the ecology of the living. Notably, her research focuses on fungi. Entangling her practice with this reign of life enables her to question the impact of man on nature and challenge our conception of man’s place on earth. Emma Millet is a member and head of the art section of the association Cérès in collaboration with AgroParisTech students, which aims to spread knowledge and interdisciplinary research. 

Fourth session of the Arts and Sciences Program presented by  Iglika Christova  with Jeremy Gobe

Third session of the Art and Science Program presented by  Iglika Christova  with Jérôme Majimel

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Second session of the Art and Sciences Program presented by Emma Millet with Claire Damesin


Inaugural session of the Art and Science Program  

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