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Art Fairs


 As part of Paris Photo's VIP itinerary, the Sorbonne ArtGallery presents a series of writings printed on photographic paper by Tania Mouraud, a major figure in French contemporary art, who questions social constraints and the human condition through the in situ reactivation of her work Dream (2005).She declines the phrase "I have a dream" in 9 languages and thus, by referring to Martin Luther King's 1963 speech, positions herself in the current fight against racism carried by the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement. 


As part of the 2018 OVNI Film Festival in Nice, the Sorbonne ArtGallery supported three artists and their short-films of a few minutes. First of all, CAPTCHAPOEM by Jérôme Dupin, a video that was presented both in New-York and Paris, a captivating poetic non-text. Then, GOD IN TRANSLATION by Iglika Christova studying the relationship between the individual, mythology and modernity by proposing a satirical game of "translation". Finally, Yann Toma, artist-creator of the Sorbonne ArtGallery, with "Fragment of a conversation yesterday with Gilles Deleuze on March 17, 1987 on what the act of creation is". 

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