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Comunhão  #01 | 2007.jpg

Comunhão  # 01 | 2007 © Rodrigo Braga



 14th of June - 10th of Sep 2021

The visual journey of the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga is intimately linked to the natural ecosystems he invests. For a long time inscribed in the singular topography of his country of origin, he has more recently moved away from it by integrating a diversity of geographical environments. His images depict the intimate hand-to-hand contact between man and nature. From this conflict are born symbolically strong images, which show the porosity of the borders between human, animal, plant, and the resulting disturbances. At the heart of this conflict, his own body is often present, in the density of the forest, or in the bowels of the earth.

For his exhibition at the Sorbonne Artgallery, we propose to retrace this journey, through a selection of his production over twenty years of his career. The nine photographs presented here do not respond to a chronological logic, but seek, through iconic images, to achieve a synthesis of the immersive thoughts and practices of the artist. They are fragments of a non-linear story, told through bodies, rocks, and plants, which denote the obvious fractures of the times we live in. In a way, this retrospective gaze, acutely reflects the question of the anthropocene, at a time when humanity is tending towards the exhaustion of its resources and the collapse of its presence on earth. But these photographs also bear witness to a personal, and therefore subjective, vision of the world at a given time. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes tender, they bear witness to the ambivalence of the predatory or protective impulses that link us to the living.

Portrait Rodrigo Braga.jpg

Born in Manaus (Amazonia, Brazil) in 1976, Rodrigo Braga is diplômé́ from the Fine Arts Department at UFPE (Recife, northeast Brazil, 2002). He has been exhibiting since 1999, and is the winner of the most important contemporary art prizes in Brazil, such as the PIPA Prize 2012 - Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, and the Emerging Talent Prize of the Art Museum of São Paulo - MASP 2013.

In 2012, Rodrigo Braga participates in the 30th International Biennial of São Paulo, and in 2013 he exhibits the work Tonus at the MoMA PS1 Cinema in New York.

In 2016, he is invited to the Palais de Tokyo, Paris (SAM Art Projects Prize), for a solo exhibition.

An exhibition realized in partnership with the gallery Le Salon H

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